Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gym for son, Yoga for Mama

I am looking into sending Aidan to a Junior Gym class. His co-ordination is somehow not as perfect, as in, a little slow in some actions or clumsy in others. Like one of the blogger mums said, I have got only one child, can buy what he wants. Well, I am going to spend that money at something more productive.

So, while he will be balancing, jumping and climbing away, his mummy will try to de-stress away with a new guru, that is, the yoga dvd. Other than trying to keep fit at my workout place, I would also love to achieve in having a more flexible body, more concentration, and of course, more focused and calm. And the benefits of its 'side-effects' won't hurt either, meaning it may also make a happier me.

Gotta go to RealBodywork.com to check out some great dvds.

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