Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Weekend Beachside Wedding

One of Wilkin's best mates is finally getting married. He is a very friendly and gentle Italian, who will be marrying his girlfriend of almost two years this Easter Saturday. Nothing elaborate, as they will be only having solemnisation by the beach with close family and friends, followed by cake and champagne.

And forever the present organizer, I had to crack my head. Usually, I will decide what to get, but as this is Wilkin's friend, I had to consult him leh. Adalah masaalah sikit, dia tadak suka kat bini kawan dia, jadi, dia tak mau beli barang mahal sangat. Tapi I cakap, you bagi because kawan you, bukan bini dia. Tak mau jugak. Leher keras betul!

And I found this matching bath and face towels set. Good cotton grade from Bed N Bath, mahal pun, tapi ada 'potongan hebat' and I added the rest of the deco in.

What's in the white bridal pouch? Two small red pouches with strawberry potpourri inside.

Now, then last step is only to buy some pearlized tissue paper and a suitable box to put the set in there. I think the towels are appropriate prezzie, in case we decide to dunk the groom into the water, ataupun pengantin perempuan tu. Kakakakaa!


Mike said...

Looks like great stuff.


mama bok said...

I hear yer..!! PB also same same..!! headache sometimes..!

Sweetpea said...

mike - haha, thanks. not that great, but at least i hope it is presentable :)

mamabok - laki semua sama? hahaa!