Thursday, March 20, 2008

Burn Notice Burned

How many of you posties did one on Burn Notice?

I did last June, but had no idea what I was writing about. It is now airing in Melbourne, and I love it! I miss out a lot of good shows because I work nights, but I get to watch Women's Murder Club, Burn Notice, CSI and Medium on the nights I don't.

There's something about Jeffrey Donovan. Not exactly handsome, but very charming. Good physique. Gabrielle Anwar is thin as. I love the show! The spy work and tricks and Miami. Just as I was enjoying the shows, it came to an abrupt end. Last night.

All of the sudden right after the show, it was announce that NCIS will slot it, with Women's Murder Club pushed to an hour later, replacing Burn Notice. While I like both NCIS and WMC, still, DANG!


mama bok said...

I started watching it too.. because of the post i did.. but very slowly.. i stopped. because it was getting too slowww..!! and till now . .i still donch know why he got burnt.. :(

Sweetpea said...

we only had a few episodes on, and without knowing why he was burnt, it suddenly stopped. dang!