Thursday, March 20, 2008

Country Road shopping

Was called by a friend of mine at the last minute to accompany her to Country Road for members only shopping. I gatai gatai follow along.

Once at Chaddy, which I haven't been there for weeks, pretty good of me, I couldn't resist looking at them. It was good that there wasn't many customers, unlike the last time where I had to queue for 1 1/2hours to pay for just a dang top! Bought a tee for Wilkin at $16.00 (original $39.95) and this pair of pants for Aidan.

Guess how mucht he original price is? $59.95. Not in the world am I going to pay a price like that for a pair of pants for a kid! It was reduced to $34.95 and with a further 20% discount for members, okay, I'll spoil him for this price :) or was it me who's kiasu? Kakaakaka.... As for myself, I have been thinking and thinking and thinking everytime I walk pass the store, everytime they have a sale on. I confided in my friend, and she asked me a simple question, Will you use it often? No. Then don't get it. But it will be always on my mind. I have always wanted one :) 20% off worr.... what better time to buy? :P

Thanks to my friend, I spent some unnecessary money today. Plus two more black tops for work too. One is a sleeveless vest to go over my work shirts, and the other a dolly cardigan. There goes my night's pay.


mama bok said...

I love .. Country Road..!! i remember my first office attire from there.. at Takashimaya..;)

shern's mom said...

That's a nice bag.

You don't always have to use it, but it's good to know that when you need such a bag, you have it. Now, more excuse to go shopping ma.

bokjae said...

Happy Easter to you too!

sting said...

those are quite good discounts ya? if they are, then ok lah :-) tops and bags will sure get used...

Sweetpea said...

mamabok - i cannot afford to shop frequently at CR leh :P

shern's mom - you haven't seen my handbag, kekkeeke.

bokjae - same to you! have more choc eggs!

sting - i am glad hubby liked the tee. and that i can still get him the correct size at least, haha.