Saturday, March 22, 2008

Looking at new business

Hubby and his friend went to a suburb today to look at a franchising business that they plan to buy. I wouldn't say what yet, as it is not confirmed, but whatever it is, he will definitely be the one in charge of IT department, that is, if the buy over is a success.

He said currently the networking system at that place is very basic, very outdated. CAT5e will be the way to go if he gets his hands on his business. The networking and cabling infrastructure has to change. He went on and on about patch cables, fiber optics, jacks, wallplates, and more. I looked at him and said 'The only Jack I know is one of Aidan's trains. English please.'

I know he is very excited but he realized he was talking to someone who can't share this part of his interest. Afterall, I can't talk medicine to him.

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