Sunday, March 02, 2008

Limau Purutitis

Forget pityriasis rosea. More like the title. This is not good. Have been scratching like nobody's business, especially after a warm shower. Rashes are now on my neck, chest, back, spreading a little to the upper arms and on the jaw, some on the forehead. And my body. Surprisingly, my legs are fine.

Have been taking my antihistamines, using my cortisone cream, although I have to admit I use it only once a day instead of three times. I am SO going to hide in my house and take Monday off if it is still like this. I look like a limau purut. Sob sob.

On a lighter note, it has been a very productive day for me. I managed to gloss three of my tallboy drawers. Another three to go and the frame itself. Having to clear out the things from the drawers, I also did some throwing-outs. Old eye-shadows, liquid liners I never knew I had, litttle sample bottles of lotion which I never had the heart to use, but I won't use it now as it is at least four years old, kekeke.

One big bag to the Salvos tomorrow too, some clothes, some books, some gadgets.

Next target, my kitchen cupboards and the basement. Somehow I know I will find things that I want to keep but never use. Sshhheeeesshhh.... but at least I am not a hoarder like my hubby.


U.Lee said...

Hi Sweetpea, thanks for dropping by my place. Gosh, I saw your callsign, then when I allowed you thru immigration, I lost you on my radar.
I searched 20 of my previous postings till I found you, at the Malay girl story, ha ha.
Surprised you popped so far back?
Anyway, thanks for dropping by.
Hey, I am like your hubby, love to keep old things...and in a way it was good too as I kept all my old, faded diaries and my note books dating back to the 60's. And brought them to Canada...actually wanted to destroy them, till one day discovered blogs, and thought will share my old stories.
I still have several shirts worn when I dated my wife 30 plus years ago, ha ha. She kept her sarong on her first date with me, I kept my shirt.
And she surprisingly can still wear that sarong, has maintained her figure all the years. Me? Ta'boleh masuk. Ha ha.
You have a nice day, Sweetpea, UL.

Health Freak Mommy said...

That sounds bad. Did you see the doctor? Calamine lotion can help to relief the itchiness. Maybe you would like to try it.

Sweetpea said...

U.Lee, maybe Aunty Lee would like to share her secret in keeping the same figure after all these years! Unlike you, my hubby is just a... hoarder.Diaries and photos are for keeps, but magazines? And doubt he will start any blog too :P thanks for dropping by :) always love your stories :)

HFM - yep, seen the doc. nothing can be done, just wait till it eases if in a couple of weeks. am using some cream, but won't use calamine lotion. it is something we don't recommend here anymore, although still sold, because it actually dries out the skin. for humid conditions like in malaysia, it is fine, but it's dry here, so it does provide relief temporarily, but not ideal. thanks for concern :) i think i am still in the middle stage :(