Saturday, March 01, 2008

Twenty Eight Weeks Later

You know I don't do movie reviews.

But I can't forget this one. I just got home from work and hubby was watching this one on the computer, just an excerpt.

Two minutes of it was enough to send my stomach churning like crazy. If you think you can stomach the bleh scenes, go ahead and watch it. Totally graphic. Totally gross.

Need some chamomile tea now. UUwweekkk!


Moonlight_tears said...

Hey there,
I have watched that movie. How do you like it? hahah
yeah it's really gore to me, from the beginning till the end. The most dramatic part was when the daddy turned into a zombie. He looks horrible.
Aiyah, better not comment on that movie anymore, I ma starting to feel nauseas recaptioning my thoughts of it.
You take care!

miche said...

i never like horror n bloody movie. i guess man tend to prefer these kinda gory and violence.

Sweetpea said...

nicole - i can't believe you can stomach that movie! i tabik you! :P and believe it or not, it was that exact scene you mentioned i saw when i got back from work, uuuwwweekkK!

miche - horror movie is fine, so long i watch it with someone, but graphic and bloody ones, blek! men acts macho, but they are such pussy cats when they get sick!