Sunday, March 16, 2008

Work It Saturday

I think I have been a good girl today.

I had to go to Aidan's kinder to do three hours of 'Working Bee' that is, we pay $100 maintenance levy upon enrolment, and after doing some general clean-up of the place, we will get that $100 offset in next term's fee. I was also annoyed that some parents that put down their names for today's roster (one term each) did not turn up. If one gave us the banana skin, okay. But three, or four, I can't be sure, that is irresponsible. We count on each other to get things done. I am definite there was ample time for them to tell the organiser they can't do it, but no one did. I was the only mum there, apart from the organiser. I guess some dads didn't want to stay home to watch the kids, haha! A couple of dads did bring the children along. After all, they could play at the playground.

In the afternoon, we went to Ikea, had lunch there. Cheap and nice. Bought some unnecessary stuff (that's me!) just because it was on clearance. But I did buy a quilt cover set for Aidan's bed. I bought one before, and I liked the material, so I got another as I don't know when we will back there again. The last we went to Ikea was exactly a year ago. I remember because we bought hot cross buns there. And it's Easter season now. Look at Aidan having fun there.

And the third reason I am a good girl, is that I cleared my kitchen cupboards. Gosh! I didn't know I have so many expired stuff in there! Sauces, canned food, spices, dried food. Best thing is, I have a few that were still sealed. Unopened, expired in 2006, like plum sauce. How bizarre! Like I said, that's me. I keep buying things that I think I will cook or use, but.....

Just finished watching Longest Yard by Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. Now off to watch What Lies Beneath, Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford. This is a re-run for me :)

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MamaJo said...

After a long 'work', you indeed know how to enjoy yourself with those on you :P I still have tonnes of drama series waiting for me to watch them