Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My alarm clock

7.15am, Aidan woke up me and demanded for his milk. Dutifully, I auto-piloted myself to the kitchen and made him his drink, went back to my bed still blurry-eyed, and fell asleep again.

Less than ten minutes later, he woke me up again, and said he wanted to play with Thomas and his engines. I told him to go ahead and play. He usually does that anyway, don't know why he had to wake me up for that anyway. For the rest of the hour, I drifted in and out from sleep, with him buzzing around my ears and pulling at me.

Mama, wakey wakey!

Mama, wearing slipper!
(He even brought my pair of Snoopy slippers to me, right beside my bed!)

Mama, wake up. Wake up, Mama!

Sigh.... and what did he do after he got me up? He just played with his engines and tracks. What the?! By the way, Daddy got Arthur for him last Saturday, and now he is already asking for Trevor! When is this going to end? He has got this right?

And I think his dream will be wanting this:

This guy is crazy! What a Thomas fanatic!


miche said...

aiya, only one child buy for him lar. hehehe.

thank God my children dont like thomas, if not i have to buy 3 sets of each!

Sweetpea said...

miche - 'buy for him lar' waahh! you know how much the whole dang thing costs? the model sets are never ending. even if you have a dozen child, it doesn't matter, the sets join, so you can make it into an even bigger island of sodor!

janicepa said...

lucky u got 1 aidan lah ..
if got 2.. pk dy lor.. kekeke

MamaJo said...

Geee..Isaac start to love watch Thomas, the train from Astro.....**alamak** I do hope I don't end up like you with Aidan ler....he,he