Saturday, April 19, 2008

Air Purifiers

There's never a better time to buy air purifiers. Nor there is a worse time. In fact, I think it should be a standard item at home, something that we use all the time like, a television, a fridge, or a microwave.

Especially for houses like me, by the main street, with probably thousands of cars passing by each day. The amount of dust I vacuum each week is just astounding, and let's not forget what comes with it. I was horrified to see, although I am pleased my vacuum cleaner does such a good job, dusts just like sugar icing. So fine that you'd think they can be talcum powder. Well, if not for our own healths, at least I think I should get one just for Aidan's room, as he is also allergic to pollen.

I know air purifiers make a lot of difference, especially for people with health problems such as asthma and nasal problems.

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