Friday, April 18, 2008

The longest night in my life

Not because I do not have access to the pc, but because of the extreme ITCH I got from this:

What, you may ask, on earth is this? These are only three of the electrode pads of the seven. The other four is lower around the torso, which are attached to this holter monitor:

The holter is like an ECG scan, only difference is that instead of that two minutes, I am being monitored for irregular heartbeats for twenty-four hours. Hence I had to shower early yesterday morning before getting this dang thing wired up to my body. I have been having irregular heartbeats, but the darnest thing is that, I think I was totally normal for the past few days, so, I doubt they can detect anything out of the ordinary.

All day I was fine, can't use pc, no going near telly or anywhere near things like microwave and mobile phones. Pretty quiet night for me last night :) UNTIL I got all warmed up in bed. That was when the itch started. It was such TORTURE not being able to scratch the inside of the pads. Gosh! I was at the pathlab first thing in the morning, but they made me waited for another 15 minutes, as it wasn't exactly 24 hours yet. UURRGGHH! It was driving me nuts!

Imagine the look on the lab assistant's face when the pads were finally pulled off. I scratched like a dog plagued with fleas. She couldn't stop suppressing the smile.

Results in a week.


bokjae said...

Hello bubba, don't worry about the itch! come and listen to this great man and see whether he gets you itched-up or not! haha!

Anonymous said...

hey, hope it's nothin serious! keep us updated ok.


mama bok said...

Eeewwwwks..!! hope you are feeling better now.. :) I would be rather upset.. if i was itching like that.
Itch and I donch go too, too well.