Saturday, April 12, 2008

Geek and Glamour

I guess there will be always segregation in school life with regards to which group one belongs to.

I was walking along, window shopping at The Glen, minding my own business, and I noticed two groups of school girls walked passed me. That was after school hours, obviously they have just finished school.

First group, two Asians, one angmoh. All in ponytails, one bespectacled, their looks not too bad, but kinda plain, and all with very big and heavy bags. Or should I stress, appropriate schoolbags, the one that you get from your school store, with your school emblem on it.

Then another group passed me. Three angmohs, looking good. Flashy watches and bags. Not even school bag. I reminisced my resemblence, not the glamour part, but the bags. I hardly carried any books! Perhaps 2 or 3, pencil case, water bottle, purse, and a comb. With lots and lots of chinkly chankly keychains. Now these girls, one carried which I considered a real handbag, one a trendy shopping bag, you know, those that you get when you buy clothes from themm e.g. Giordano, Cotton On or Supre, and the other one, a Country Road bag. I can tell their hair is probably one of their obsession, highlighted and well maintained.

Now, I won't say they are the richer clan, because both the groups come from Wesley, a private school which costs minimal about $10,000 per year if I were to send Aidan there for primary Year One.

I belonged to the notorious but looked more like a geek back then. Or perhaps, I was actually a geek trying to be notorious. How about you?

Amacam? Glamer tak?


Anonymous said...

ei, thought it was a trend during that era? fesyen ala (late) anita mui style? :)

NomadicMom said...

Aiyo...give you a pat on the back for daring to post this picture!!

Sweetpea said...

jo - shoulder pads and mullet hair. couldn't live without the shoulder pads!!

nomadicmom - hahahha! good things must share marrr :P