Sunday, April 13, 2008

Worst migraine ever

I've had seasonal migraines, but nothing like yesterday.

Went to bed the night before with a slight headache, and I thought it must be the lack of water, that I wasn't drinking much. Yesterday morning I woke up with it, thought nothing much about it, had my cereal and popped one Panadeine Forte. Codeine is my wonder drug, usually fixes everything.

But no. By the time I was halfway driving Aidan to kindy, I felt very dizzy. Perhaps I had on a pair of tight jeans, and I had to loosen up the button. Upon reaching the kindy's carpark, I had to open the door and I threw up. Water. Great. I think that was the first layer in my stomach.

I realized I couldn't attend a program I was involved in, feeling s***ty. Dropped Aidan off, you'll never know how relieved I was then, and drove back home. Had the same dizzy feeling. Funny how a short journey that I do everyday seemed SOOO long. Got into the house, straight to the toilet. Breakfast out. Twice. Plonked down on my bed and slept for another two hours. Thinking that I had also threw up the Panadeine Forte, I took another one.

The most puzzling thing of it all, was that the migraine wasn't actually that bad, compared to my previous ones. Later in the afternoon I realized it may have been the codeine that was mucking me up. See, sometimes I take it well. Sometimes I find I kinda have shortness of breath or dizzy after taking it. Unfortunately it was the latter result that I got, considering it worked so well so many other times.

When I got to work, I realized I haven't had a cup of coffee. I think that was the fix I needed. And it worked! Headache gone! Or maybe it was the running around the shop that fixed it.

Migraine sucks.


sting said...

haha.. so coffee did the trick ya :-) but do take care.. migraines are no fun.. do you know the cause? eg certain food or certain time of the month..?

mama bok said...

Wow..!! that suxs..!! hope you are feeling better now.

mott said...

arrrr....i'm now hvg 2nd thots of asking ur help leh.

I know how it feels to hv a bad migraine and puke. I really hope u feel better already. Want u to be 100%

I'll let u know k.....still got some days to go..

MamaJo said...

How you treat your migraine huh? Me too, got migraine, and I really hate it too....sometimes, I will need to take up till 8 panadols to 'treat' my migraine ler...

Sweetpea said...

sting - i think it was highly like dehydration that caused it. i knew i haven't been drinking enough water the day before and it started at night when i went to bed.

mamabok and mott - i can fight a dragon now! thanks.

mamajo - panadol? nuh. the wonder drug is CODEINE. do u have panadeine there? try it! but my problem was that i took panadeine forte, of which the codeine is 3.5 times more than one standard panadeine, too fast, right after a very light breakfast. so i think it may have made me dizzy and puked instead of curing me. bleh :P