Thursday, April 10, 2008

To give up or not to give up

The electrician made a little mess in Aidan's room. Expected. He was very late, which made me unable to clean up the mess. Jadi I bagi tahu sayang I ni bersihkan bilik anak. And I left for work.

Wanting to know if everything went alright, I called home. We bought a new ceiling light from Ikea and cilakak, the outer case doesn't fit. No wonder it was on clearance for $5. Electrician caj I seratus ringgit, saja untuk tukar lampu ni! Tapi I bagi warning kat dia, jika suami tanya, dia kena cakap enam puluh. Taulah, sayang I ni ketat sikit, I tak mau drama. Bila I panggil balik, suami I kata yang vacuum tak jalan. I ketawa ler, sebab filter nu I basuh semalam, masih di bilik mandi. You know what? Tone dia ni, macam susah sangat dan tak tau taruk balik filter tu. Aaiikkk?! I sudah masak, kena ker I suap dia makan lagi? Hhaaaiii... I tau, bukan saja you, kepala I pun tak henti geleng-geleng-geleng.

And guess what? The electrician called me up at work, saying his conscience won't let him sleep because he was worried about Aidan poking his fingers into the lights as he couldn't fix the outer case in. Aidan does sometimes climb up to the top bunk and play. So he offered to buy a new one tomorrow and fix it for me. Isn't that sweet of him?

Right now, I am starving. Didn't have the time to pack dinner for work so I only had a pack of Indomie goreng. Right now...

Pumpkin soup and breadsticks


Annie Q said...

apa sauce ini?? Indomie goreng one pack enough ka? normally i take two pack..hahahahhahahahahahah

Sweetpea said...

annie - the original one lar, i don't like other flavours. and of course 1 packet NOT enough! but trying to cut down on my junk intake leh :)