Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Woohoooo... can post pics at last! My nuts!

May be of nothing interesting to some of you, but I am ecstatic that I finally managed to make my own health bars! Yummy and healthy, lots of Omegas 3s and 6s and some 9s and fills me up.

First, of course I need to go to the nut shop and get sesame seeds, almonds, I like it toasted, walnuts, sunflowers seeds and cashews, toasted too. Or anything you like in your bar, such as sultanas and oats. And here is how it all began:

Lightly toast sesame seeds.

In another saucepan, caramelize equal parts of honey and sugar, e.g. four cups of nuts, 4 tablespoons of honey and sugar each.

Heat it up evenly till sugar melts, but not to boiling point.

Here's the difficult part. Have to really mix them up speedy quick, as the mixture sets in almost immediately.

Pour it into a flat container, or baking tin, whatever suits you, and press is down firmly.

Use a thick and heavy book. I don't have one :P

Soon after, cut them up to pieces before it really sets in, otherwise, it will be too hard to do so.

Taddaaaaa!! Tips: Have a slice, or two, with your favourite cuppa when it is still warm :)


L B said...

Fantastic nuts!!! Wow!! That looks so easy too.. :-) Lovely!

L B said...

Poor thing you! But I can understand! I have fallen asleep at some movies before!! Even one as exciting as Lord of the Rings! (Ok, it was my second time watching the same movie, and I was really tired too... Just cannot keep eyes open no matter what! Not even with toothpicks)..

That Justin can cook!! So can you!! Are you married already? What are you waiting for? Hurry! Hurry!

shern's mom said...

wah, can make your own nut bar somemore. so keng.

mom2ashley said...

wow that's impressive! I didnt know that there's a recipe to make health bars... Not that I gave looked:)

janicepa said...

wah.. geng wor... look like those ready made for sale wor..

MamaJo said...

WOw, thanks...the recipe look so simple but for me, it is really difficult ler....but, really look yummy and nice....will try it for my kids sake..

Annie Q said...

WOW WOW..pui fook pui fook! u banyak hebat!! Looks so yummy..