Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mid-life Crisis?

You know, I think I am at the height of it. Hair, skin, nails, workout, eyelash extension, the lot. If turning 40 is the new 30, this has better be it!

Well, hair, what's left of it. Sadly, I fall into THAT category where I think my hormones are playing up, a.k.a. peri-menopausal, and my hair is thinning out. Also, dyeing it often obviously didn't help the situation at all. Now I am giving it a break. Come whites and greys! Attack me! Better have you than none at all! Cosmetic wise, I am searching around frantically for coloured hairspray, at least I hope I can fix the problem temporarily, until I hope the anagen phase starts to work hard again and the catagen phase stop taking a long holiday.

Skin. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. After that bout of viral rash, my whole body system was just out of whack. A cheap way to exfoliate your face and body... aaahhh... that will be in another post :) Meantime, keep swallowing those Milk Thistle and Hair,Skin & Nails tablets, EPO capsules, plus Livercare Complex, which consist of Dandelion and Globe artichoke. Combined with Milk thistle, they are great liver cleansers. My fave brand is Blackmores.


Nails. Remember this post? The buffer really works. My nails are shiny, and I don't have to put on any nail polish. I even did my toenails tonight! Honestly, I haven't had a pedicure since I was in Hong Kong. We are talking about nine years back. They look dry, and the ridges are horrible. Now, heck, it's no miracle buffer, and not as shiny as I want the toenails to be, but at least I got rid of the ridges! And the most TL part, is that I paid a certain amount for it, and guess what? Remember one of my favourite haunts? Catch of the Day had it for $14.80!!! Even if I add in postage it was still a steal! Don't you just hate it?!

I can't believe I am actually spending and taking the time to do all these wuliao stuff! Sigh, I guess when it comes to reaching the big 4-0, it is inevitable. Keeping up with the Joneses is not an easy job, but I still have to .... keep up.

Ah well... at least it is doing me some good. Guess now the next step is to sleep earlier.

And the eyelash extension? Am just thinking about it. Thinking.


Annie Q said...

yuhoooo...eyelash extension, i always want to do it!! But i heard it's hard to take care wor. See when i itchy backside i go and do my eyelash extension. hahahahhaha

Sweetpea said...

annie - yakar? cheh, then i better go ask properly first. donwan to look nice and then next time be 'bak jaam gai'!!