Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another lucky biatch who is not so lucky after all

Ex-wife of Australia's tyre magnate Bob Jane, HAD a monthly spending of AUD$30,000 PER MONTH. Read my lips... (visualize) PER MONTH!! and she is crying POOR!!

Laree is 40, and Bob Jane is what.... 78? Married for many years though, twenty to be exact. I have to give that to her. I guess being 20 then, young and free with money, I can't blame her for turning into a serial shopoholic. Apparently she had the penchant for pearls.

Anyway, $30,000 per month! That is more than my entire year's pay! Before tax!! I can buy a new car every month with that money, and she is crying POOR, not enough to sustain her lifestyle. Obviously she never had to think of how the poorer and poorest suffer, and have no idea that someone in some country is earning less than USD$2.00 per day, which I bet isn't even worth her spit.

I am one evil woman. I am pleased to know she has received a fate where she can't simply spend anymore. Yah, I am jealous, so what? Happy to see another woman's misery, bask in her downfall, just because I don't have the money like she did. Still, as the chinese saying goes, "a broken ship still has some nails", surely she has a hill load still, now without the mountain, and that is still like many, many times my earnings in a year. But who knows, she may find another millionaire to get married to.

Sigh... c'est la vie.

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Shannon's Mummy said...

Cest la vie!! LOL

I am feeling the same as you..wahhahahaha