Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Need More Ram!

Trust my husband being the internet specialist in the house. My work is slugged because there isn't enough room to do everything at once. You know, the usual, Words, Paintshop, webmails, instant messaging, blogging. Hey, remember, I am a female. We multi-task with perfect tempo.

Everytime when I try to click on something to refresh it quicker, it will hang on me, and the window will close altogether. What a bummer! That's it. It was the last straw when I was doing something and it froze, and then lost altogether.

I told him we need at least 512MB for our dell memory, and can you imagine the look on his face? It was like 'Where on earth did my wife learn so much about computers?'

Yeah, and I didn't learn to cook until I married him.

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