Thursday, May 01, 2008

Warning on internet security

Listen up peeps.

Hubby's colleague's laptop crashed and she brought it to work, asked if he could fix it. Fix it he did, while a third colleague, who read and remembered something somewhere, told this lady to check her accounts.

Guess what happened?

Money in her bank account, GONE!

Check her credit card balance, with a limit of $16,000, ALMOST MAXED!

She nearly pengsan. Hubby and third colleague tried to narrow down to what caused the problem, and she said she did enter into a new website, and entered her basic details in there. There. Shit happens. Now, what occured here is that the cookies from that website can attach itself into your computer, and .......... the rest is history.

Therefore, warning peeps, do not simply enter a site which you don't know, especially those spams you get in your mail daily by the dozens, saja saja click on the site that says you are the beneficiary of some big sum of money, or some wealthy politicians that want to give you their life-savings. What crap. I know, I know. We are all smart people. We don't believe in such bullocks, but we are also curious Georges and Janes. Itchy fingers just want to click and want to see what stories they are pulling. DON'T! Not all sites are dangerous as such though, but you never know. Better be safe than sorry.

As for that lady, she's lucky. She got her credits nulled by her credit card company as it wasn't her mistake. More so like internet security, or rather the lack of it. Bank account I donno lar.



Mummy In Vain said...

wow, so dangerous one huh! luckily i don't even try to keep those spams in emails...

LA My Home said...

i've heard/read virus that attach the computer that can remember keystrokes on websites you visited and then hackers will sell the information to the crooks. scary.


stay-at-home mum said...

Wah! Like that how to do internet shopping? what precuations to take??

mama bok said...

Scary eh..!