Thursday, May 22, 2008

Imaginary Friend

Aidan's social skill is improving at kindy, and kind of bossy too, from what I gathered. Not in a bad way. Something like:

Lincoln, come sit down. Mat time.

or shouting from the cubby house when playing outside,

Jack, wear your hat!

He comes home now telling me names and what other kids did, not in full sentences, but the chattiness in him opening up, pleases me immensely. I personally like Lucas because he 'made sure' Aidan finished at least 2 portions of his sandwich for lunch. He laughed at me today upon seeing me, because I wore a bandana. Which started a chain reaction. All the kids where laughing, most do not know what the cause was, but it was cute seeing them like this. I looked at Lucas and said I am glad I made you laugh!

Lately, when Aidan did solitary play, he called out the name Charlotte. We know of a Charlotte but we seldom see her. She is Ching's (our friend) sister's daughter. It has been months since we last met up.

Aidan would play and seemed like having a conversation with Charlotte, or asking her to do this or not that. I was curious. Was it really an imaginary friend with no face, at least to me, someone that he created, or possible someone we actually know? I put it to the test. I was insecure on one hand, because after all, this is a new phase to me. After all I have read about being normal and healthy having an imaginary friend, I was still unsure how to handle the situation. On the other hand, it is great to see Aidan thinking outside the box. So, when he did this 'talk' again, and after a minute or so, I asked where Charlotte was.

Charlotte go home with Miguel.

Miguel is Ching's son, Aidan's favourite buddy. So, it IS the Charlotte we know.

At least I still know what's in my son's brain.


Anonymous said...

this one i think not considered imaginary friend since that person does exist...only quite scary when the person doesn't exist, just like my niece, she made up the name & person & can actually tell what she did with her etc!

MamaJo said...

I guess it is just a normal growing phase for kid...Jona nowadays, also like to play by himself mimicking someone

Sasha said...

i think he missed her? :D

miche said...

my siblings has siblings but they still love having Leah around. and they do not know any leah except one of my bloggers fren whom i never talk about in front of them!