Thursday, May 22, 2008

Food for Thought

The brain forms only 2% of body weight however, at rest, the adult brain uses 20% of dietary energy. A child's brain uses even larger amounts than an adult's with a newborn's brain using up to 60% of total energy intake.

Good nutrition plays a significant metabolic rate in brain structure and function. Essentially, nutritional aspects from fats, carbs, proteins and fruit and vegetables work together to build and maintain brain function. Fatty acids from fats build the brain, and amino acids from proteins unite it. Glucose from carbs fuels the brain, and micronutrients from fruit and veggies help to protect it.

Mood, motivation and mental performance can be significantly influenced by diet. Natural neurochemicals contained in foods can help enhance mental capabilities and aid concentration, tune sensorimotor skills, encourage motivation, magnify memory, speed reaction times and help lessen stress.

Nutrition and your child's development - Food for the brain

Extracted from ASG's Scholastic magazine Issue 2 : 2008

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