Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In bed with another man

Yes. I will be sleeping next to another man tonight. Hubby is in Sydney.

I am already visualizing myself snuggling up to his warm body, smelling his hair. Mmmmm....... what bliss.

I have decided I'll spoil Aidan, and myself, only when his dad is away :)

On another terrifying note, we were feet away from an almost accident scene. Aidan and myself were walking back from 7-11 after getting him his Pink Slurpee trip. Strolling against a four-lane traffic, one car slowed down quite immediately and at the last moment, signalled wanting to turn into a right lane opposite our side. Two cars followed behind. First car swerved to the left, facing us, and managed to control his wheels. The third one was a van. It swerved too, but because it was a larger vehicle, I guess it took a longer time to do that. At that split second, it seemed it was heading straight for us! The screeches, the smell of burnt tyres, Aidan beside me, my hands around him tightly, that was all I could think of. The driver managed to right it, and it was over, before he gave this first car a deadly stare.

My heart stopped for a while. What would I have done if the van went straight for us? I don't want to think about it. Which reminds me, I also had a near-accident last week while driving to work. This time I was the one trying to swerve left because the car in front of me wanted to turn right. I signalled left, made a little turn to the steering wheel when out of the corner of my eye, I saw shadow of a car zoomed past. Where did that car come from?! Had I not noticed it, I would definitely not be working that night.

I truly believe there is a guardian watching over me. Things are just too coincidental. I believe I am protected because I am loved, someone is praying for me, and that I am here for a reason.

Thank you, for letting me be whole. Me. Just me. Unhurt, ungrazed, a little dazed, but nevertheless, right here.


mama bok said...

Wow..!! thank God.. you and Aidan are safe..! yes.. someone must be watching out for both of you .. :)

Kok said...

Thanks God that both you and Aidan are safe. I know that definitely was a shocked.

jazzmint said...

lucky both of u escape the accident :)

mott said...

aiyo...thank god both of u are alright! Definitely have a guardian angel out there!

btw, i found a hairdresser which cuts kids' hair from AUD6! Near Nyonya's Hut! org cina punya!