Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update so far

I had a free and easy Saturday last week. It was cold, windy, and raining all day. Miserable. But I got to spend time with a friend of mine on the other side of the city, which took me almost an hour's travelling time each way. And I didn't take Aidan along.

Wilkin said since there weren't any kids going, he will have father and son time. Goody for me then. It was a welcomed change, although I was a little guilty after that evening for abandoning them, and our family day. Father and son time they had. So syok, brought Aidan bowling at Chaddy.

Do not take notice of his pants, heh. It will be the last time he will be wearing it. Dad just pulled on whatever he could find. Another pair into the box. I tell you, this boy really outgrow his pants fast!

And today, I got a call from Tili saying my beef order has arrived, and I will have to go to her place to collect it. When I say beef order, I mean this:

$140 worth of porthouse and topside, 16.1kg in total. Potato is for comparison in pic lar.

Her brother-in-law does export quality beef, and I took a look at my porterhouse, minimal fat and marble-grains. Wilkin is going to love me for this. Of course we can't finish this by ourselves. This pic is not all you have seen. I have another 4.5kg slab of porterhouse, still in Tili's freezer, and this I will take some over to my FIL's. We will have so much stew in the winter days to come, I hope he won't get sick from it. Hahaha.


miche said...

the bowling alley is really children friendly...i wish they have the same 'dunno what u call that" here so that I can bring my children for bowling too.

i love beef too! Moooooooooo

whoelse said...

ha ha.... i was actually looking at aidan's pants :D he seems to be enjoying himself!