Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Gymnast's life

I know it takes a lot of dedication, determination and focus to be a gymnast. I see them practicing at Aidan's Junior Gym and they all go through the same routines over and over again tirelessly, until they are perfect. It never occured to me there is anything more to that, until I overheard one mum reminding her daughter, a gymnast, the appointments they had. First, to the chiropractor, then to violin lessons, blablabla.

Violin some more! I wonder who is trying to be the perfectionist here, the daughter, or the mum trying to live her dreams through her daughter. Either way, I tabik them. Daughter has to do all these, plus school and homework. Mum has to be around 24-7 driving daughter every where.

Today I met this mum who came to our gym all the way from Berwick/Pakenham for her 5 year old daughter to audition for a squad. Her gym instructor resigned and recommended this girl to ours. The mum drove all the way here, would have taken about 35-40 minutes one way, hauling along four other siblings, the youngest being 18 months old. If things work out right, daughter will have to practice twice a week, sometimes may have to go to another gym at Armadale, which is even further. But this is the daughter's passion. Mum said she tried to convince daughter to give it up.

I don't know what mum I will turn out to be. I do not know how much as parents, we will have to be involved in our son's sports life. I do know though if it's footy, our weekends may very well be over. I hope it's not swimming! Because then I may have to get up at 4.30am every morning! Ian Thorpe or not, THAT is not the time I wake up.

And to think once Aidan starts schooling I'll be off the hook :P


mott said...

Err..halo, you're already bringing him to junior gym! I can't even be bothered!!!! HA AHA HA HAA!

Sweetpea said...

i have my reasons for sending him there lar. his gross motor skills and co-ordination isn't that good, and i thought this will be at least good for him. i don't need him to prance around perfectly :P