Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Malaysia Ebay

A friend told me about mudah.com.my

It is Ebay the Malaysia way, selling locally. What intrigued me, well, not intrigued actually, more like astounded, is that someone is selling baby formula, just the one tin, online.

Now what we don't know we don't think. The tins at the supermarket or stores, we have to assume they are all 'fresh'. But this. I know it is brand new, long expiry date, but it has been, after all, handled many times over, i.e. from shop to house, then the factors of how it is stored, in the car, etc. The next step is from house to car and recipient's house. Again, it is subjected to heat in car, etc. etc.

I assume it is a sample pack now, because I just read it is 400gm, selling at RM15.

I guess we'd sell anything 'unwanted' for the extra cash, eh? Realistically, I don't find the site appealing at all, but that's only my opinion.


janicepa said...

hey .. i managed to sold my playpen there leh .. kakaka

cc said...

Sites like this has the potential to go big. Here over in NZ we have the local version called Trademe. It has been extremely popular and very convenience which allow people to buy and sell second hand or new stuff. Anything legal under the sun. The auction site became so successful that it was bought over for NZ$700 million!