Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy Slapping

What is the world becoming to? Sorry, I should rephrase that. What is in the mind of today's youngsters?

We fly over to Malaysia first. I was blog-hopping last night and went over to Ah Pek's blog. The video clip I watched was very disconcerting. I had my fair share of being bullied and bullying other school mates during my high school years, but nothing came close to this. We had our 'gang', we swore, ponteng, had our hangouts, some 'marlat's' gf, tried some cigarettes (Cough!cough! and wondered why the boys loved it so much, yyeaaks!) watched porn (Okay, that was a little too far, I am lying. Or am I? Hehe) but the main things was just having fun at the end of the day.

Is this so common now? Fast forward to this day, if I was still in high school and stepped on someone's tail, I wonder if I am going to be taunted as such, or worse? It is truly disturbing. Being a parent now and aware of the changes around us, can you blame me for being so paranoid?

Happy slapping. It's a term for a 'pastime', which started overseas, for a group of youngsters where they will pick randomly at a victim, unbeknownst to him/her, and will start slapping, punching and kicking at the poor fella, while another mate film the incident and upload it into the internet. It was in the news last week that this has arrived in Australia. Double paranoia.

Civilians, you and me, anyone, will be afraid to have a good time at bars. My colleague recently had blood splattered over her face and top when someone was hit in the head with a bottle in a brawl. She was so shaken she called in sick the next day and couldn't work. Two sailors and a tourist stabbed in the city last week. If you dare to imagine, how many in the crowd carries the Swiss Army knives, or even pistols? Nerve-wrecking three times over.

Tell me, is it just me that's completely, acutely paranoid? Or is this nothing new to you?


mott said...

sigh..no.1 kena bullied 2days ago. His version, "2 big kids put sand in my lunch box. I'm angry but I'm ok".

HOW TO STOP???!!!!!!!!!!

*pulls hair*

Sweetpea said...

oh gosh, it has already started! have you seen his class teacher?