Thursday, June 26, 2008

When will they stop blaming us?

First, journalist too sexy in cabinet.

Then, women blamed for wearing too little clothing. Now it is suggested women in some place shouldn't wear lipsticks and high heels. Too attractive, too distracting, too alluring, too much skin, too mind-influencing, too pro crime-committing, TOO MUCH BULL CRAP I would say!

When is it ever proper to them? Wear a burqa then? Can't some men take responsibilities for their own actions? They commit the crime, they blame the women. Oh, so it's 'uncovered meat waiting for preys'. Friggin' bollocks! If some men can see women as human beings, as individuals, why can't the others? Keep those freaking dicks where they belong to, learn how to control their own freaking thoughts rather than running around like loose canons. The men committed the crimes, so why should the women be penalized?

Gosh, I am so angry my whole body is shaking. Go do something better and more constructive rather than telling women what not to wear!

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whoelse said...

well thats malaysia, kelantan!!! chee sin i would say.... nothing better to do.... link dressing with religion