Thursday, June 12, 2008

You want some bikkies, Puppy?


You want an apple, Puppy?

**Shakes head**

That's how it is now when Aidan is being whingey and not listening to me. I will then turn the attention to Puppy, and he will indirectly answer me. Or even when he is in a happy mood, he will include Puppy in. Whatever he eats or drinks, Puppy will get 'some', or he will feed it.

When he goes to kinder, Puppy will be sitting and waiting in the car till he finishes, i.e. I leave the dog in the car lah, don't take it out, UNLESS, when it needs a good long bath!! Just last weekend when we left the park, Aidan sat down and asked Where's Puppy? I told him that we left it in the park, on the swing. We would leave him there.


I brought Puppy out from my bag. I knew he was close to hysterical as his eyes were starting to get red quite immediately, trying to control his tears. That's how attached he is to his raggety soft toy.

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mott said...! I really pity them when they start tearing..but try to hold them back!