Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alternative to softdrinks

We all know that each can of soft drink contains at least eight to nine teaspoons of sugar, apart from so many other additives in it. 

Here is one other way to have a fizzy drink but not the sugar amount in it. Get cordial. Ya ya, they say no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, darn if I believe them totally. Still has the same shitload of additives in them, just less in each cup that we make. 

Don't mind the near empty bottle of cordial. I have to explain that 90% consumed was the Big baby who is still recovering from his knee surgery. Only yesterday I bought this bottle of soda water instead of adding just water. It gives the drink a fizz, and this way, Aidan can enjoy the cordial just like his 'lemonade', but a fraction of the sugar. 

By the time I finished work, the bottle of soda water was nearly empty. Guess he didn't take note of my teasing him for his growing love handles. 


Sasha said...

Ah not a bad idea! I wonder if i can use this to trick my hubs also. :P

JLGerardo said...

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