Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Diet Pills - A tempting last resort

I have been trying my best not to eat a lot of junks, which proved not impossible, but required a lot of resistance to temptations. Also, I have been going to Curves for mini workouts, and admittedly not as often as I would like to go, there will be always something to do or some errands to run. 

Being stuck in the winter months doesn't help either. Kilos are packing up with all the roasts and bakes, and hot sweet desserts. I need a quick fix and ultimately diet pills is the way to go. Just to help me reduce that love handle and bloated tummy, and be ready for a new summer body. 

I think I really need it. While I am typing this, I am munching on a sesame bar. See what I mean?

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ephedran said...

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