Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cleaning out my veggies in the fridge

Well, of course not all are old veggies. The celery is, the carrots always has a spot there, the zucchini and tomato is, and cabbage just bought for this purpose. 

I am trying out a soup recipe. The last time I made pumpkin soup, it was  a disaster, but Aidan had fun putting the onions into the food processor. For days prior to this he was always asking Mama, I want to cut onions. Today he was doing the 'big one' in the toilet when he heard the very familiar sound of me switching on the food processor. Immediately he called out Daddy, I'm done! So excited he was that he came running half pulling his pants up. 

Aidan : Mama, wait for me. I want to cut onions!

Me : Eeww... go wash your hands!

Aidan : Wait for me!

Blended all the veggies, pop them into the pot with six cups of water, some tomato paste (great source of lycopene - great for your man's prostate), a little bit of chicken stock (gluten and lactose free, no transfat), cumin powder, thyme and lemon juice if you like, but I didn't add them, salt and pepper to taste. I didn't add the salt as it was tasty enough. 

My winter veggie soup for work. 

Reminder : To check Aidan's poo tomorrow.


mott said...

lousy cooking? damn cute ur label!

I normally blend after it is cooked... i no time to wash blender..i use hand blender..WAKAKAKAAKAKAKAKAK!!!

From a lousier and lazy mama..

Sasha said...

wah u guys got time to make nice soup like this ah ? I just chuck everything into the slow cooker. No eye see. hahaha
so how's aidan's shit?