Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Living Life ala Paris Hilton

If I have a monthly spending money of $30,000 just like the ex-wife of one of our tycoons in Australia, I wouldn't be crying poor like her. I can only imagine what kind of lifestyle I can lead, as well as sending my son to the best private school in Melbourne. 

I can take short and long vacations every term holiday, and that is four times a year! Hardly a fraction of what Paris Hilton travels, still, I can visit my family twice a year, and secure a yearly  Hilton Head rentals, where we will zoom off to have a relaxing holiday. Perhaps I could also act out a couple of diva demands, like gold fish in my bath, now wouldn't that be nice, haha.

Who says the rich are being spoilt? Well, that is so true. 

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