Monday, June 09, 2008

Bribery works. But of course!!

I was almost late for work because Aidan whined and whinged and stuck to me like glue.

Aidan : I don't want Mama work work. A aa aa aa a...

Me : Aidan, listen. Look at me. Mama has to go to work

Aidan : Don't want work work. A aa aaa aa aaa...

Me : Mama needs to work to get money

Aidan : Don't want money. A aa aaa aa a ...

Me : We need money to buy food.

Aidan : Don't want food. A aa aa aaa aa

Me : You like Yakult?

Aidan : Yes (wiping of tears and pouted)

Me : You like yoghurt, noodles and fish balls?

Aidan : Yes (head down)

Me : Then Mama needs to work to get money to buy the Yakult, yoghurt, the noodles, fishballs...

Aidan : Don't want work work. A aa a aa a aaa

(Getting real late)

Daddy : Aidan, you want to go get a Slurpee?

Aidan : (still crying with big drops of tears) I want Slurpee

And hopped off my lap. Three minutes later, he was happily waving goodbye to me in my car while he and his Daddy walked to Seven Eleven.

Where is that son who NEEDS me??!


Lian said...

What we hear = Mommy don't leave me
What they are really saying = Mommy, give me something I like.

Sasha said...

hahha similar to my morning just that mine always end up with UWAAAAAAAAAA cos he cannot talk yet ma..:(