Monday, June 09, 2008


Sunday was Dumpling Festival day, hope you people ate some. I had a few, freshly made by my friends, both salty and the 'gan sui' dumplings with gula melaka. It was orgasmic.

Coincidently this year it also marked the fifth anniversary of my MIL who passed away on this day. We bought some three cups of coffee, one for her, two for Wilkin's grandparents, who are buried at the same cemetery, and some flowers. I was the driver and Wilkin, who held the tray of coffees for the first time, didn't know how to hold it up for balance when I bumped into a pothole.

Hubby : Damn! Sshh....... (realizing Aidan was just sitting next to him)

Me : What happened?

Hubby : Spilled some coffee. It's okay, you drive on. SShhh..... (stopped in time)

After thirty seconds or so,

Aidan : Damn.

Wilkin : Hahahhahaaa

Me : ???!!!!!!

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