Saturday, June 07, 2008

Shopping at Shopwiki

It is that time of the year again, for me to travel, see my family and friends, shop, almost empty luggage going there, and definitely need someone to sit on it for me to zip it up when heading home.

The one I currently have, had served me well, and it is time it should retire. Plus the fact that it has some wears and tears, I should get a new one anyway, preferably something huge, not so bulky and heavy. Given the choice, if I can look every inch the yummy mummy and being glamorous, I will definitely go for the hard-sided 3 piece set, shiny and good looking. But to me it probably isn't a good investment because knowing the airlines, I will be crying very soon over
the scratches and dents, not that they will care whether the luggages are new or not.

Browsing for luggage sets at Shopwiki gave me a satisfaction over the information and comparisons, all being done for the consumers, as it saves me much precious time. I do have my eyes set on a 3 piece set, as it is expandable, and hubby can always use the smallest 20" for his interstate business travels as he doesn't need to check it in. All three for less than $100. Good value or what?

I'll have you know this site isn't only for luggages. You can find almost anything and everything under this roof. A good online shopping experience, if you ask me.

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