Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bored shitless

Hubby has got knee arthroscopy done this morning. He wasn't allowed to eat and the surgery was done at 1pm, which was quick because he was told he was scheduled last at about 2-3pm.

He had to admit himself in at 11am and I couldn't stay because I had to send Aidan to kinder. So we sms-ed mostly, and within half an hour he was already complaining he was bored shitless. Lucky thing we have connections. My SIL works there as a nurse, and so he got in a little quicker, otherwise I think he would be hungry till at least 4pm.

Now house bound, but already walking up and down the backyard stairs. Doctors said to do things as normally as possible, but of course don't stress lar. He said to me a nurse told him one girl did the same thing, went shopping the same day (??!!!) and then it bled non-stop. I mean, come on! I can totally understand, being a female and all, but no shopping for that day can die arr? What sales was that anyway? Where is her common sense?!

Anyway, he will be more bored shitless at least till the weekend. Can't drive. Contemplating exchanging cars with his father coz auto. Will have to see how it goes till Sunday. May not need to.


sting said...

hope his knee gets better soon...

eastcoastlife said...

My regards to your hubby. Wishing him speedy recovery!

Thanks for your concern and prayers for my son. He was discharged from hospital this afternoon. :)

Good Health is important to every body. You take care. :)


Sue said...

Speedy recovery to your hubby! Cheers!