Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pimping for Westfield Doncaster

Our highlight of the day is to travel on the newly opened Eastlink, taking the chance to have a feel while it's still free for the month. After that, there will be toll fee.

Eastlink connects many, saving them lots of precious time, but unfortunately for us, where we are situated, it doesn't make much of a difference. Then again I guess I shouldn't say that, because then we don't have to spend money on the toll. And since we were driving towards the city, we stopped at Westfield Shopping Centre.

The place is almost fully revamped. Looks new and definitely very good, although it is still under construction at some areas. The food court, called The Drum, is the trendiest by far, Chadstone doesn't even come close. The overhead menus are fully digitalized at individual stalls. Even the centre's directory is darn snazzy. Aidan had a fun time poking his fingers around.

Our friend Alex manages three stalls, i.e. Think Asia, Simply Thai and Little India. Aidan had Trampoline ice-cream, met Nando Chicken mascot, got free balloons, tattoos and coupons.

Teahouse looks divine. Plenty of yummy-licious cakes to go with their signature T2 teas. I will have to go there just with the ladies one day. Colonial fruit market looks fresh and great, but I wasn't too taken in with that parmesan stench at the cheese department. I love cheese, but I just cannot stand parmesan. Even Miguel and Aidan agrees :P I have to say that is ONE HUGE CHEESESTICK!

No wonder Chadstone is extending like crazy.

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