Monday, July 07, 2008

Pumpkin Salad

Brought Aidan to The Glen and watched Alvin and The Chipmunks dancing on stage. Then he saw the dvd, wanted to take it home. He thinks everything is free ya.

Had another chocolate session at Max Brenner. I think I deserve a loyalty award from them. By the time we finished our jalan-jalan, I feel lazy to cook. So I bought some sun-dried tomatoes, fetta cheese, pine nuts and baby spinach leaves. Already have pumpkin and garlic at home.


Easy peasy salad, and chicken drumsticks thrown into the oven and some omelette. How easy is dinner?


+Ren said...

looks tasty! :D

mott said...

HEYYYYYYYY! I was at the Glen, also watching Alvin!!! but, we were right at the back, coz the scaredy cat (JR) was too chicken to go near!

We left quite fast...coz he was getting real bored.Ala..shud've known..wud've gone to MB with u!!!


Sweetpea said...

i was at the back too! for BOTH shows! should've called me ler.

Sasha said...

ala... u guys so near yet cannot see each other. I wanna go also but i lagi far man!!!

and if only my son eat food like this, life wil be mush mush easier for me!