Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun filled Saturday

Saturday was filled with activities for Aidan. He never seemed to be out of energy! In the morning we played at a friend's house for an hour or so, then we drove to Ashburton as it was 'Snow at Ashburton' day, with Mount Buller's snow being brought all the way down for us to have some fun.

Aidan had his first feel of snow this year, and we will be going to Lake Mountain again this Saturday together with Ching's family. Will be fun as we are renting a 12 seater bus to get up there. Keeping fingers crossed it won't rain then.

After the snowy fun we headed to the park. Aidan loves zooming around with his scooter here. He is going faster now with more practice. I hope by summer he will be able to ride on two little wheelies instead of this one.

We ended the evening with dinner with my in-laws and Wilkin's uncle and his family. Note, the girl you see here is Wilkin's cousin, also known as Aidan's aunt. Haha. Just like Aidan being uncle to my five grandnieces in Malaysia.

Boy oh boy, is he excited to go back and see them soon.


mama bok said...

No snow for me please...!!

Sweetpea said...

hahhaa... i know. but that's nature's way to show us how to appreciate summer, eh?