Friday, July 18, 2008


I am, at this very moment, waiting to talk to a customer representative on the phone. I waited about fifteen minutes to get one, only that he wasn't much of a talker, and couldn't help me much. So he said he'll pass the call to someone who can help me.

Here I am still waiting after ten minutes, managed to eat a banana, enjoying my achar, and listening to their Beethoven. Therapeutical. I guess so customers like me won't scream in their ears. So why am I being so patient? Coz it's money!! And I am talking about hundreds. Cekik leher I still have to hang on.

While I am still on phone calls, I received one telemarketing call yesterday.

Good evening mam, I am calling from s0-and-so, how are you today?

Good thanks. Where are you calling from again?

So-and-s0 (see lar, I didn't even bother listening properly). The reason I am calling today is to tell you the great news that you have won a 7 days trip to Gold Coast costing you only $149.00 which you can use it anytime within two years.

Oh, thanks, but I am not intesrested.

Waaahhh...... you can actually her her gasping on the other side of the phone. I guess she was thinking what kind of moron I am for not accepting such an offer.

B..but mam, it's only $149 and you can use it within two years. Don't you want a holiday?

Yes, I do, in fact, I am having one next month. So I don't need this, thank you.

But you don't have to use this now...

I understand, but I am not interested. Thank you. (Which part of NOT INTERESTED do you NOT understand?!) And I put down the phone. She must be a newby, and was in shock. Kakakakaa!!

I had one before, never got around using it, and gave it to a friend. Then again, there are so many extras I have to consider. Tak mau lah! Where got so big 'kap laah' jumping everywhere on the street?

By the way, the call got through earlier, hehe. All settled. Worth waiting :)


mama bok said...

Yah.. we get these calls often too..!! PB hates it..!!

WaterLearner said...


Have not been here for some time or seen you at my place. How are you doing?

Hope all's fine and well?

Big Bright Head said...

hello, have a nice week ahead...