Saturday, July 05, 2008

Generation Y, listen up!

Almost everywhere we go we will see someone with headphones tuning in to their favourite songs, podcast, sometimes audible even, to the stranger next to him. More so in transport stations, while waiting to reach their destinations to beat the boredom. Just exactly how safe is it to have these little buds jammed into our ears daily?

Some of the best headphones today have ultra cool features such as noise isolators or noise guards, supposedly to provide the best of sound system uninterrupted to the user. But how then, can this person be aware of his surrounding? Maybe someone is trying to call out to him to warn him about an approaching car, or maybe a falling flower pot from the third floor. It can be physically damaging as well on the long run to the ears. Will they be needing hearing aides when they are 50? That will really be jamming something up their ears for the rest of their lives.

At the rate this is going, I might as well encourage my son to be an audiologist.

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