Thursday, July 03, 2008

School Holiday DANG expensive!

I will have to disconnect the battery of my car in order not to go anywhere!

Went to Chaddy this morning to look see look see if I can find him:

Aidan is into the baddies at the moment. After watching Thomas and the Magic Railroad he has been pestering Buy Diesel and Pinchy (Pinchy is Diesel's extended arm, as you see here, obviously very menacing). None in Target, but I managed to 'pick up' a leather jacket which was almost 70% off and another 3 piece set for Aidan. So much so for ikat perut.

It's a lucky thing I didn't buy it when I found it in ToysRUs because I just received Kmart catalogue, and they are having a huge toy sale on 16th onwards. 25% off the engines. Daddy will buy then.

After that we went for our naturopath appointment, then to Mott's place for a little play, and headed home. By the end of the evening, I fell asleep in front of my pc while playing Scramble in Facebook. Daddy came home and I told him I wasn't going for my workout. Lazy. Don't you think it's understandable that by the end of the day you would just want to laze around? That's why I prefer to go during the day. Anyway, Daddy told me to go. Gently. Not pushy. It's only half and hour. Sigh... Five minutes later he noticed I was still dallying and said Joong mm hooi?

Haiyah, go go lah. Forty minutes later I was silently thanking him. That was a good workout. Plus I remembered the huge and wicked serving of waffle in melted chocolate at Max Brenner's yesterday. Still, it doesn't vanquish my guilt for swiping my credit card way too often lately.

Dim gau? Cut it?? By the way, did I mention that DS Lite is next on my list?

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