Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My little man never ceases to amaze me

Saturday evening when we had dinner at Malaysia Garden at Clayton with my SIL and BIL, we ordered mostly spicy stuff, except for the Hokkien noodles for Aidan.

And on that night, he had his first taste of curry, and loved it! Wilkin's fave is curry laksa, creamy and not very spicy. I gave Aidan the fishcake slices. He ate a bit, gave us the weirdest look, hahaha, and reached for his glass of water. He tried another piece, and reached for the glass again. Then repeated the process till he finished them all!

Sunday noon, we had lunch as Boxhill. Gave him some noodles, and Wilkin put in some shredded choy sum as well, along with the 'branch'. I was thinking, Aidan wouldn't eat that, as usually he will pick them out or just let us know that he didn't want it. Guess what? Finished the bowl. I silently went WOW!

Monday morning, at the supermarket. Muum, I want some trolley. (He actually meant a trolley) I said we didn't need one as we were only getting a few things.

I don't want to walk!

Since when he gave me reasons??!

And oh yeah, eating like a little horsey too! So, if you think I am crazy giving him all these supplements, please, do call me a maniac!!


Big Bright Head said...

ok! you are a maniac!! .... he he

Mike said...



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Sasha said...

he's smart, if only i can ride in a trolley now