Thursday, July 17, 2008

Term 3 officially starts!!

Aidan went to kinder for the first time in two weeks, and it was also his first day with three extended hours.

Was I excited? You bet! Six hours to myself! Heck! What am I going to do with all that time?! Retail therapy? Coffee? Nope. I chose to stay home and slaved over it. Vacuum, mop, more vacuuming, changed the sheets, three loads of washing, cook, did possibly everything I could around the house. Maybe next week, just maybe, I could watch Mamma Mia at the cinema.

It was as daunting for me as it was for him. I didn't know about him, but I was constantly checking the time. Was it only three hours? Oh, I still have two hours to spare. Three o'clock! Where are you?!

Kinder teacher told me Aidan looked upset and as if wanted to cry when he realized he had been there for a long while. I did tell him that he was to have a usual snack, lunch, which he was excited about, and then another snack. He probably may have been thinking why he was still there, and that I didn't pick him up.

That evening, he was a little extra clingy. Couldn't blame him for that, but I'd rather him have a feel of the extended hours now rather than giving him that 'shock' when he attends Prep next year, for five whole days in a week.


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mama bok said...

I hear yer.. ! chloe is going to school this year in september.. and she is only 4.5yrs. i too worried.. about shocking her.. being in school the whole day. But i'll make sure to monitor .. and if she can't cope..i'll wait it out another year.