Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Queen Victoria Market after all

At six in the morning, it started to rain heavily. I was in bed and thought, 'That's it.' No miracle after all. Aidan will be disappointed he couldn't ride on a train. Or maybe he doesn't remember. Hopefully.

No such luck. He did. Trust him and his trains. But as I looked out the windows at 9.30am, it was already bright and sunny, although a little windy. Maybe, just maybe, we could go out after all. Following my gut feelings, we were out of our house in less than an hour.

Thank goodness for off-peak hours, there was plenty of space. And guess who we bumped into in the carriage? I seem to have quite many 'bumping into' incidents with Mott's Mr.T !! And it is he who always say hi to me first, as I seem to always walk straight ahead without noticing anyone. Just so you all know, I am not snobbish if I act like I don't see you. I really don't!

See my little one so happy in the train? He got the best of both worlds today. Because of last night's mini storm, rail line was disrupted and we had to take a bus to the city. He loved the bus too.

Got off at Melbourne Central and walked all the way up to Victoria Market. After some walking around, we got some doughnuts to share. I think the doughnuts sold in this minivan are famous because there was a LLOONNGG queue. See the size? 90 cents each or $5 for 6. Aidan was enjoying licking the sugar off more than eating it.

Fresh beautiful flowers.

After the snack, we walked some more. A mistake of coming out here today. Remember how I complained about spending money on Intencity and bowling? Well, I guess this may be up to 10 times the cost. But I like them worr...... One is so smart, with detachable hood, and the other so preppy. Don't think I've ever spent that much on myself for a long time. Aahh well, I'll blame my niece. Aidan needs something nice to wear for her ROM :P Okay, okay! I'll just half blame you, coz I know you'll say he can't wear the jacket in Malaysia, heh.

And this orange? What is so special about it? We picked it up by the roadside on the way out from the shop. Looks nice and fresh. Someone must have dropped it. Any given day you would have picked up many 5 cents or 10 cents pieces. But this. I was told by my palm reader decades ago that I have 'sek fook' (luck of food??) for I will never go hungry. So, this is rezeki, kan?

And what did Aidan say at the end of the trip?



mott said...


looks nice mah! are those the spanish donuts? hmm...love them...

whoelse said...

wow! GUESS wor don't pway pway :P

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhhh...love your loot. very nice!!!