Tuesday, July 01, 2008

School holidays and nowhere to go

Trust the weather to be such a killjoy.

Queen Victoria Market is having some great activities on Tuesdays for today and next week. What's good is that I have plans to go there with Aidan on a train, take a walk, and have a great morning. What's not is that the weather is expected, naaahhh, let me rephrase that. The weather has started to get crappy with wild winds blowing now and then right this minute. It will be windy and raining and wet and cold. Not a very good idea for outdoor fun.

Where to go, where to go, where to go. Thinking of an indoor playhouse but usually that is the last resort during school hols. Another not-a-very-good-idea idea where kids will be literally running each other down. Plus the fact that my eyes and heart will be very much stressed out at the end of it because I will have to keep watch every nano second.

Siigghh...... Intencity and bowling kut. I know he will love it, but there will be a small hole in my pocket.

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