Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So hot here, so cold there

Lucky it rained today. Still, the weather has been literally melting my make-up.

I don't feel like going anywhere. Plus there has been a minor accident at home (e.g. sister's place), so if I didn't look up anyone here, my apologies.

Got some great pics taken in Ipoh. Will try to upload some when and if I have the time. My sister just moved, so the internet connection is still not in. I am at the moment at another niece's place.

Gotta rush.

C ya!


janicepa said...

holiday oso hv to pass homework to penganjurhawadingin ar ??? kakakka...

Annie Q said...

still in malaysia? Never call us for "yam cha" ger??

sting said...

welcome home! sorry bit late but hope the accident was not too serious and you have a great time ya... :-)