Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We're back

Three weeks in Malaysia, at a blink of an eye, here we are again. I mean, here I am again, slaving over another year's flight money.

Nothing eventful, just a quiet trip this time, spending loads of time with my family and a few close friends. Highlight of our trip will be the photo album taken in Ipoh. Here's one of 35 pics taken. Considering the price I have paid for the album, it was good and for the same price in Melbourne, after conversion, it would worth only two to three shots, with no make-up, no hairdo.

Appointment was made on the second day arriving Ipoh and I was praying hard, no mozzie bites please! Thank goodness for that, because, look what happened soon after:

Weather for us, as usual, hot and humid, sticky and full time sweating. Otherwise, it would rain all day. If you recall me blogging about Aidan being unwell the day before our flight, we were lucky he was all well by then. Made a few phone calls to pharmacist and naturopath friends, phew! Good to have a friend in every profession. Like that can get good discount on haircut, car repair, tax evasion..... blablabla...

First week in Ipoh, other than eating, I brought Aidan bowling. The place in Parkson Grand is much better than the one in Jusco, for kids that is, trust me. At least the former has bumper lanes and better shoes.

Aidan ate a whole lot of new things which I never thought he will. Fried sotong, yau char guai, yep, fried stuff, but lucky thing, no problem with veggies. Perhaps it was due to the heat, his nose bled every other day, to the point whenever he sneezed, I would go gabrah. Trust me to go all weak on seeing bright red blood on the tissue.

In KL, the morning after our arrival with Mum coming along, she fell down. She forgot about the stepping stool my sister left beside the bed for her because it was too high, and getting up in the wee hours of the morning for a midnight wee, missed it and went flying into the wall. In a week, she went from being a single Panda eyes to the great Chinese legend 'Choong Mou Yin' as the swelling went down, so did the bruise, which travelled down the face.

Shopping, shopping, shopping. Jeans, pasar malam, cds, dvds, hehe, bra straps, kakakkaa, mobile phone covers, so cute! More local food, putu mayam, kerang ('see harm'), asam laksa, 'shue fun' biscuits, char kuay, the roast chicken thigh at Ipoh Jaya was delicious!

And as for Aidan, the mozzies love to have him back every year. For the most nights, the bites will be on the legs, so, instead of putting the repellant patch on the sleeves, I put it at the hem of his PJ pants, sprayed more repellant all over his clothes. Guess where the mozzies go when they can't get his legs?

That was the ultimate souvenir for him to bring back to Melbourne. Daddy would be thrilled, not. That's about it on our trip, nothing much, just mostly time spent with family. Eat, yak, eat, yak, get fat. Oh yeah, last day 'hard finger' massage. Damn painful, damn syiok!! The lady hit my back as if she saw her worst enemy. She also told me I would get a sore-throat. That was on Friday. True to her words, I got my sore-throat last night.

So for any friends whom I didn't get to see this time, which is almost EVERYONE, next year larr.


Annie Q said...

Hope ur mum had fully recover by now. Sorry for laughing at the way u describe, but i cannot tahan, i just laughed. :P

What is the "hard finger" massage??Syiok??

Simple American said...

Oh poor little guy. Dang those mozzies.

Trips to Malaysia must fly by too quick, huh?

Hope you are doing good. I am still trying to get my business to succeed. Catch you later.

angeleyes said...

oh... did not know you came back... should have come up to Penang mah! :P