Monday, September 29, 2008

Am back, and everyone is invaded by virus

We had a great time at Blairgowrie. The weather had been too kind to us. All the days we were there, it had been in its early and mid twenties.

Aidan didn't cope too well with the holiday. Maybe it is because this was his first local holiday. Ditto for us. First two nights he had been crying, asking to go home. Also, he was too tired. First night, went to bed without dinner. Another reason, the 'crowd' didn't appeal to him. Kids were all girls, except for one boy who is already 12. No fun, eh?

During the day he was better, probably because he was fresh and full from breakfast. Anyway, I won't elaborate much here, pics on the way. And with six kids in total, the MOZZIES had to attack ONLY him! Not many, only about EIGHT red, angry swollen bites?!!

Is it his sweet blood or what?! Just one pic first. Editing the rest:


+Ren said...

welcome home :D

Sue said...

Hi! How are you? Nice holiday..hehe..just dropping by..haven't been blog hopping for a while..

Sasha said...

dun say mozzie wanna bite him. i see him also i felt like biting him. Muahahahahahah