Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blairgowrie Weekend

Was our first local trip as a family. Naturally, Aidan was excited, but he was also insecure.

Being the youngest and only boy (another boy is already 12, so they don't really click) he didn't really want to spend much time with the girls, although they were digging up mud and sand, making mud pies, and not playing with Barbie dolls.

It was frustrating for me when he acted up. I know I had to be understanding, but his whingy ways was another thing. He has the power to mess up the entire plan. He's only a kid, right? What can he do if us adults want it our way? That's another story.

Here's introducing Sorrento town. Chic and peaceful, it makes me want to retire there. Only if I have the money, that is. Expensive area.

Rye beach. Aidan doing a tumble turn and I snapped the pic 'mid air'. That was our first morning. In the shower at the holiday house, he suddenly started weeping and said he wanted to go home. So tired he was, he fell asleep after his milk at 7.30pm, without dinner.

Daddy and Aidan.

Nice weather, but water was freezing.

Sorrento park, overlooking the sea. My friend told me stripes and checks don't go together. I knew that, heh. But we were on our holidays, and he's just a kid. I wouldn't put on the combination myself though, haha.

Rockpools. It was just like Twelve Apostles revisited, but much much closer.

Would we do this again?


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jazzmint said...

yah...reminds me of 12 apostles